E-commerce has been using all kinds of advanced technologies to attract customers by better understanding their needs. Social media is prominently a significant platform with massive human traffic as any person inactive on social media is rare. Companies are applying their marketing strategy on social media platforms to improve sales and better branding of their company.

Social e-commerce

Social media platforms have become the new storefront for brands as a lot of positive attention can be quickly gained by brands through social media platforms. Social media platforms are now social commerce platforms.

Reputed brands and social networks are investing in creating a more seamless shopping experience for social media users. Brands are now trying to convince social media users to click ‘buy’ and also ‘like’ button; achieving such a behavioral change will require posting content that shows consumers how a product fits into their life.

Social media platforms are investing in the next generation of social commerce to develop an AR shopping experience.

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Video streaming

By increasing video content in advertising and social media, experts say that most of what everyone will consume online will soon be video content as consumers share brands videos, prefer video than reading about a product and most of the consumers have bought a product online by the influence of a video.

Personal branding to business branding

For developing businesses, putting a real human face to a brand name helps to build loyalty. A brand that’s more relatable, and has the human element, naturally gains more trust which is essential for building relationships.

One way to humanize a brand is to promote a high-level leader. By allowing audiences to get to know the character and expertise of company leadership, a business can strengthen its brand reputation.

Long-form content for making an SEO impact

Though word count is not the only thing that can impact how prominently an article will appear on search engine results pages, search engine optimization experts agree that long-form content can make an article successful. A quality article with 1,600 words will most likely outrank an article with 500 words.

Acceleration of personalized marketing

It is easy to get insights about all kinds of information regarding a particular individual with the vast amount of data uploaded each day by that person like content, products, emails, consumer’s purchase history, clicked links, social media posts, and other behavior. This has enhanced personalization, and in turn, also has increased consumer expectation.

Companies are digging into consumer’s data and using it to create a customized marketing campaign which is used to target individuals' interests at different points in the buyer's journey. By deploying data analytics into marketing, companies can predict consumer's needs accurately.

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