The development in healthcare technology has saved many lives and enhanced the quality of patient care. It has also created an impact on medical processes and the practices of healthcare professionals. Hence, it is necessary to infuse the technology into medical educational practice to address the needs of patients. Currently, all medical schools and colleges are infusing innovations and current technologies in their education systems. Implementation of e-learning in medical education benefits the students and medical professionals infinitely.

The aim of paving the way for the innovations of healthcare in medical education is to enhance the knowledge of the students to allow them to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. From their learning in medical schools, the students will help in enhancing the health care needs of the patients. The medical educational model must be upgraded with implementations of advanced technologies to impact in fulfilling patient needs.

Advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual simulation are transforming adaptive learning models in ways that optimize learning and improve knowledge. The technology can help medical students and professionals to gain knowledge by viewing and experiencing the complex surgeries held in any part of the world. IoT devices help medical practitioners to diagnose the diseases as early as possible and provide precautions as these devices can help monitor the patients’ health from anywhere. E-healthcare provides healthcare service anytime to all the regions.

The system of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is very useful for patients, doctors, and medical students. With the help of these records, the medical students can understand case studies. In medical education, VR and AR are the current trends where VR provides a 3D view of the structures and the ability of the user to interact with them and AR provides the ability to project virtual information and structures over physical objects.

Today, healthcare technology is in a fast-paced environment. Its tremendous growth provides excellent patient care. When considering medical education in the future, it is critical for healthcare professionals and students to have access to the most advanced training environments and resources.