Allen Technologies have partnered with VUCA Health with an aim to provide on-demand and Medication Video Content for enhancing patient care experience.

FREMONT, CA: VUCA Health has announced its partnership with Allen Technologies, a provider of interactive patient engagement solutions. Through the partnership, VUCA Health intends to deliver its MedsOnCue video through the E3 patient engagement solution by Allen Technologies for health systems across the nation.

VUCA Health functions as a gateway for patient engagement, which serves as the on-demand extension of health care providers and pharmacists.

Allen Technologies continues to transform the way hospitals provide, engage, empower, and educate patients. The E3 patient engagement solution, extended via tablet or television, besides a bedside monitor functions as a patient-centric portal for entertainment, in-room comfort control, and patient education.

Now, through Allen Technologies, the education content by VUCA Health will be available as an aspect of its E3 offering for patient engagement solutions. Access to the vast MedsOnCue video library implies that hospitals utilizing the E3 patient engagement solution by Allen. This solution would enable patients and caregivers to understand what kind of medication is being used during the course of the treatment.

The detailed VUCA's medication videos provide high-level patient education and enhanced engagement by assisting patients and families gain insights into what medications are being administered, why they are being given and what outcomes are possible through them. Another important aspect of this facility is to enhance our ability to assist consumers to improve HCAHPS scores, improve results and enhance health literacy.

Further, the E3 patient engagement solution by Allen will now be having medication videos both in Spanish and English and is written at a reading level corresponding to the 5th grade standards. These short videos will cover critical information that is required by a patient such as side effects, possible indications and receiving optimal treatment. Also, by enhancing health literacy, these videos can pave way for reduced transmissions, time-saving for healthcare providers besides improved patient satisfaction.