Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being enacted in companies all over the world, and while there is growing concern about whether robots will take over the workplace, few predict that it will significantly improve and even create jobs in the future. AI has already made its way into daily lives from home devices to mobile apps.  AI has helped companies make better use of data and streamline processes.

Almost 40 million Americans already owned a smart speaker like Amazon Echo at the beginning of last year. Alexa helps people with dim lighting, turning their heaters down, managing their schedules, and organizing their shopping trips—all by AI and voice. Machine learning is taking the processing of natural language to the next level, and it has not yet stopped.

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The growing deployment of smart, predictive, and self-learning HR technologies will be another major AI intervention of 2019. AI in Human Resource solutions is the perfect response to cost reduction, avoiding legal complications, boosting productivity and helping the company overcome its administrative obstacles that often occur when a new venture is formed.

Businesses can create and deploy customized, data-oriented services and products with AI technologies. Obviously, it helps businesses adopt consumer-driven strategies that not only improve customization but also increase their income.  AI's integration with other technologies is a big development in improving business strategies that are driven by data. AI with analytics, IoT, ERP, blockchain, and quantum computing boosts AI's power and results in smoother running operations. While this confluence may initially prove to be a challenge for business executives, the advantages will outweigh any hurdles that the company will have to face.

There's still time for the AI train to get there. But the truth is, 2019's biggest trend will be businesses left behind without AI. The world will see a significant shift in business reality in 2019. In the near future, failure to incorporate AI and automation will be like sleeping on a digital transformation path. Enterprises should not be the unicorn that a day too late showed up to the ark. Like them, the company could and will most likely be extinguished.

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