An organization can observe pinnacle of success if the employees work in tandem. The marketing team in an enterprise focuses on driving growth and improving brand engagement. It also makes efforts to retain the customers as well as make strategies to lower the customer churn. On the other hand, the customer center team focuses primarily on customer service management and customer satisfaction parameters. The growing importance of customer experience in driving revenue has forced the chief marketing officers (CMOs) to work closely with the contact center leaders.

Here are a few ways in which marketing teams can collaborate with the contact center teams to improve their marketing management strategies:

Understanding Customer Behavior from Unstructured Customer Interactions: Marketing teams rely on surveys to understand customer behavior. This method of gathering information is not sufficient as it offers a limited sample size and no view of the state of customers. Marketing teams can opt for the speech and text analytics of the contact center data to understand a customer’s wants, needs, and wishes. The analysis of the contact center data will allow companies to develop advanced behavioral intelligence for better predictions about their customers.

Inbound Calls for Customer retention:  Marketing teams can utilize intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze past interactions for an accurate prediction about a customer’s next action. This will allow the marketing teams to present a customized offer based on a customer’s preferences. It can also impact profoundly in customer retention as unsatisfied customers could be routed to specialist agents for proactive engagement and a highly effective offer presentation.

Customer Behavior: Marketing teams can integrate macroeconomic and demographic data with customer behavior to create a customer-centric strategy. Marketers can provide discounted products to the risk customers to avoid customer churn and generate revenue from satisfied consumers with upsell offers and referral programs.