Google now offers Advanced Protection Program for high-risk users like human rights activists, journalists or campaign staffers to safeguard their account from threatening cyber attacks. The Google Advanced Protection provides high-level security and is specially designed for those accounts which are more prone to risk and cyber threats.

Users with a consumer or personal Google account can have access to the program. All they require is a physical security key such as a small USB or wireless device which will provide additional user verification while logging in.  Google Chrome also acts as a security key as it supports the U2F standard. The program restricts specific apps for complete access to users’ Gmail and Drive account. It also has some additional features for account recovery process to keep away the hackers.  Google hopes that other browsers will soon incorporate the program.

Apart from the merits, the program also has some loopholes. The users can only use Chrome to sign-in to Google’s online services.  Only Google-developed apps can access the user’s Google services, and this might be a setback for iOS users. Most importantly, if the users lose access to their accounts and security key, then it might take days to get access to the account again due to additional verification.

On Google’s Advanced Protection Program, business professionals feel that it fails in terms of convenience. They believe that they need a level of security that strikes the right balance between security and convenience for the end user and also there are cost-effective and convenient solutions available in the market.