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Accenture Acquires DPS Services; Strengthens its Cybersecurity Offerings

By ESOutlook | Monday, October 10, 2016


ARLINGTON, VA: Accenture acquires Defense Point Security (DPS) to help federal agencies minimise cyber threats. The acquisition will accelerate Accenture’s momentum in cyber security by deploying DPS expertise in advanced detection, engineering, cybersecurity consulting, and Big Data platform.

The acquisition will enable Accenture Federal Services (AFS) to leverage DPS services helping the federal agencies to protect their critical information. The addition of DPS’ specialized cyber defense tools further strengthens AFS ability to provide end-to-end cyber security platform.

Defense Point Security

DPS leverages Computer Network Operations (CNO) professionals to find the targeted customer systems from malicious threats. The CNO experts analyze the weakness of the organisations process and technology and prepare a blueprint of action plan to resolve it.

“By combining AFS’ application and data-centric security capabilities with DPS’ cadre of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals, we are well-positioned to offer a bold set of sophisticated capabilities including cyber defense and incident response, complex security integration and advanced cyber analytics to maximize our federal clients’ operational security,” says Ira “Gus” Hunt, AFS cybersecurity lead. “Together, we will deliver leading-edge security solutions that build resilience from the inside out—giving clients the confidence to focus on what matters most.”

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