Artificial intelligence is already influencing digital marketing in many ways efficiently engaging website visitors via chatbots and conducting predictive analytics campaigns. Artificial intelligence and its relationship with content marketing particularly is a curious question today. AI carries huge potential in the digital marketing field. The support of AI targeted marketing, and predictive analytics will give a better ROI to businesses. Previously, marketers were very uncertain about implementing AI into their business strategies. But today, they have witnessed considerable trust amongst the marketers with the application of AI.

Artificial Intelligence has created a strong presence by combining technologies such as big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things( IoT). These are just elements that contribute towards unleashing the complete potential of artificial intelligence. The forthcoming days will indeed see the impact and changes caused due to the applications of AI.

AI has also started impacting the marketing industry, and from AI content curation to chatbots. AI’s main ability is that it can analyze large data and interpret them in no time. This is an incredible feature which can show a greater impact on content marketing and marketing in general. With this, the content marketers can understand the exact target. A Salesforce study stated that about 76 percent of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Many of today’s companies offer good products and services to customers like Amazon. Customers want a personalized experience, and this can be gained by seeing content that is directly relevant to them. Here comes the question—how exactly can AI help in creating the content?

It is a known fact that it is all about data and segmentation; AI can capture huge data and can segment it easily. AI helps in understanding who exactly forms the audience, what platforms are predominantly used, what content is read, and what type of content is preferred. AI is already impacting content marketing with the help of AI assistants like IBM Watson’s Lucy. Lucy is a powerful tool that marketers use for research, segmentation, and planning.

AI has become a huge part of digital marketing. It is already taking the numerous aspects of lives and even threatening some jobs. No one can predict the future, and at present, AI will have a real impact on content marketing by developing detailed marketing strategies based on huge amounts of data.