Technological advancement is bringing drastic changes to every sector. The healthcare sector is no exception. The proper use of technology can enable the hospitals to cater a better experience to the patients and reap more profit. The digitalization of the healthcare sector is essential both for the patients and the hospitals. According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), the digital healthcare market is expected to reach $536.6 billion by 2025. Digitalization not only helps in medication but also helps to manage patients and appointments easily and reliably.

Q-nomy is a leading software vendor in the healthcare sector. It provides important solutions which help in merging digital and physical business process, and it ensures a better customer experience.  It provides the Q-Flow 6 platform that enables the hospitals with the chance of better patient flow management and improved appointment scheduling. Q-Flow AM allows self-service appointment both from mobile and computer. It ensures better customer experience by providing agent-assisted appointment scheduling, calendar analysis, reminder, and confirmation requests.

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These back-office tasks are very important because without the proper management of these back-office tasks any clinic or hospital will not be able to cater the best service to the patient. This Q-Flow platform enables the clinics and hospitals to deal with this colossal task effectively. It is a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner. Q-Flow is open to different platforms. It can be used through a private cloud, Microsoft’s Azure platform, and any other platform of customers’ choice.

Q-Flow enjoys 1,200 installations in five continents. Q-nomy group is going to present its new and optimized Patient Management Solutions at HiMSS19 in Feb 2019 to be held in Orlando. Q-Flow 6.2 is a new member in the Q-Flow 6 family. The latest member is empowered with the cloud deployment feature. This feature is vital to address the market requirement rightly. It has another layer of customer-centric business process optimization. This device experiences a strong amalgamation of Q-Flow BPM functionality and CIM. Q-nomy has also launched a website to help the healthcare sector. This website provides practical solutions for complex problems. These solutions by Q-nomy are helpful both to the patients and to the hospital staffs. Q-nomy’s BPM solution focuses on customer-flow management and workflow automation.