Technology integrators are familiar with the term- Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To increase their visibility on Google, businesses are striving hard to use the right keywords, get more reviews, write regular blog posts, and get articles featured on other local or industry websites; SEO demands attention weekly and monthly. Here are five quick wins that are a must for technology integrators.

1. Live Chat on Website: Contact mediums are alive, but still customers prefer live chat as an option. This is because chat feels are less formal, decreases the barriers for asking any query especially when the prospect is too busy and doesn’t want to commit a sales conversation. Many business websites are offering the ‘live chat’ option with the help of chatbots that are available 24x7.

2. Business Profile: Google My Business is Google’s way of presenting a business to the world. It provides the information people search for thereby giving special attention to the businesses. One must make sure that all the information related to their businesses are available on this platform: verifying the business and confirming the service area, contact number, address, uploading attractive photos, etc.

3. Leverage Client Relationship: Highlighting customer testimonials is one of the biggest missed opportunities on the websites. One must assure that they are scattering their customer testimonials in the relevant places.

4. Automated Emails: Email marketing delivers the best ROI if appropriately implemented and can be made a more significant part of the marketing strategy. One must set up a system of automated emails that can send mails to the potential and existing customers on the company’s behalf. One must provide the customers with offers that might compel them to take a step forward or remind them that it is a good time to service their system. 

A checklist should be prepared and accordingly a lasting foundation can be laid for their online presence among this fierce competition.