The evolution of AI has made it ubiquitous, and several other technologies like cloud computing are being fused with it. Digital marketing is gradually incorporating AI in all its facets as well. The core ability of AI is to collect data, analyze it, apply it, and learn from it. This ability will change the way digital strategies are formed. AI is still evolving and as the process continues, so will its capabilities to develop digital marketing strategies and derive valuable insights for organizations.

1) Optimized Content Curation

Marketers can use AI to get untapped data and improve customer targeting.  Analysis of the audience can go past the typical demographics level. For example, AI can analyze minute details like customer behavior, purchasing patterns, time spent on a page, clicking pattern and which and what type of content was consumed by the visitor. Based on this data, customized content can be served to the user. An excellent example of this is when platforms like YouTube and Netflix show the ‘similar’ videos under the videos browsed by the viewer.

2) Real-Time Customer Service

Customers always look for a good digital experience. This experience includes a smooth transition from browsing products to the delivery of products. In case there are issues, customers also expect quick response and resolution. With AI chatbots, an automated tool that gives the experience of talking to a real customer service executive in real-time, AI can deliver a human-like experience. This ability to serve customers in real-time with no human touch can provide excellent customer service.

3) Smarter Ads 

Marketers are already using account-based marketing (ABM) for more intelligent ads. AI can take this capability even further by digging into the keyword searches, social profiles, and other online data. Truly insightful analysis with an abundance of data can make online ads highly effective.

4) Voice Search & Speech Recognition

Voice search will be used extensively by customers in the future. With AI, marketers will be able to use voice search and customized and faster results. Companies can produce content which coincides with virtual assistants like Alexa, SIRI and Google Home. If done correctly, your content or product will be first in the search results, and this can help in lead generation and brand recognition.

5) Better Strategy Formation

AI takes out the guesswork out of the system. In the past, marketers have done regular testing, adjusting, experimentation, and optimization. Nowadays, AI enabled analytics tools increase the accuracy with built-in decision-making tools that learn on the go and form optimal digital marketing strategies based on insights from the data.