Driven by constant development in the economy, technology, and consumer expectations, the business world is continually evolving. Business leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, and technology experts are always interested in the latest trends and developments, and are trying to align their business strategies in sync with the requirements of the changed scenario.

FREMONT, CA: Here is a look at some of the crucial trends that are impacting the way enterprises and the entire business world function. 2019 will see these trends transforming as the key drivers of growth by simultaneously offering opportunities and challenges to overcome.

Constant Availability and Use of DevOps

About a decade ago, DevOps or the automated cloud deployment was nothing more than a buzzword. Those days, the business arena was not familiar with integrating development with production in the technology infrastructure.

Fast forward to the present, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that DevOps has become the main focus for enterprises across the globe. Moreover, experts vouch for the fact that DevOps would reach the peak of its applicability and popularity in 2019.

There is an evident shift of focus from pipelines to DevOps Assembly Lines concerning automation of the entire software development process. Automation is likely to become the primary focus, and as the demand for DevOps increases, testers who would be able to code and computerize scripts for testing would be in high demand too.

Mastering a variety of different DevOps tools besides automating scripts have turned vital for software development, and this trend is expected to underline the DevOps arena in 2019. As another noteworthy feature, DevOps and microservices lately work in collaboration.

Microservices, as independent entities avoid dependencies on other systems, and enables smooth deployments and easy addition of new features. In 2019 and beyond, the business world is expected to make a complete shift towards microservices architecture.

Implementation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The words Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have become synonymous with the current business world. These technologies are expected to bring in revolutionary changes in the way organizations function in 2019 and the imminent future. 2019 will be a critical year for these two technologies. This year, these technologies will be integrated slowly into active business strategies.

Before analyzing the 2019 developments, it is imperative to remember that 2018 had seen several applications, tools, and platforms that are based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technology trends placed substantial implications on software along with the internet sector. Moreover, its influence on fields, including healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and automobile was quite significant. 

Considering the current year, investments towards research and development on AI by big companies are showing an upward trend. Another impacting trend with respect to AI is the increasing applicability of deep learning, which is used to develop artificial neural networks working algorithms. This is done by modeling the structure and functions of the human brain. The use of deep learning jointly with AI is expected to be at its maximum in the near future.

Facial recognition, yet another AI trend, is utilized for identifying a person through patterns of their facial features or digital images. 2019 will see an increase in its use with enhanced accuracy and more reliability.

As a result, this technology must be used for biometric identification in no small extent. Facial recognition features are also poised to transform the healthcare sector as well through AI-powered clinical trials and diagnostic procedures.

Further, AI relies heavily on specialized processors completing the Central Processing Unit. However, even a high-end CPU wouldn’t able to enhance the speed of training AI-powered models. These models require additional hardware for carrying out complex mathematical calculations for enabling fast-paced tasks, including object detection and facial recognition.

In light of this concern, chip manufacturers are planning to work on specialized chips that are capable of facilitating the execution of these AI-based applications in a faster way.

These chips would be increasingly optimized and utilized in 2019 and beyond for running modern workloads that would be powered by AI, besides high-performance computing, or the HPC.

Increased Utilization of drones and 3D cameras

Adoption of drone technologies, especially aerial drones tech, may not be as widespread as commonly perceived. Instead, its popularity across some sectors including insurance, public safety, mining, construction or agriculture, oil and gas, telecommunications, and utilities is expected to increase massively. 

The most vital aspect of the commercial drone industry is the number of qualified/certified remote pilots. The regulations demand the availability of at least one pilot for each drone operation. By the end of 2018, there was about a fifty percent increase in the number of FAA-certified remote pilots as compared to the previous year.

Concerning these FAA numbers, it could be seen that month-over-month expansion rate is slowly beginning to decrease with respect to the availability of remote pilots. And, the situation may not change in view of the present partial shutdown of the U.S government. This shutdown can cause delays in granting new certificates. Further, several drone service providers are experiencing a lack of sufficient income through them. It is expected that many of them may not be considering recertifying remote pilots. As a result, there is likely to be more efforts towards rectifying the situation and leveraging drone technology to the best of its availability.

With respect to what is happening in terms of 3D cameras, 3D scanning technology has been a top impacting factor for the growth the 3D market and its further impact on the technological arena and the way business organizations utilize it. Also, the current year will see the worldwide 3D camera market being impacted by critical trends such as virtual reality applications and home automation, besides ongoing innovations in technology.

This was an attempt to summarize the top impacting trends in 2019 with respect to the business and technology world.

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