To narrow the communication gap between HR personnel and employees, and to augment their HR processes, organizations are leveraging the latest HR technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Automation is changing human society, bringing significant changes to the mechanisms of the world. It has impacted not only industrial processes, but also the HR functions. Automation has already taken over primary HR operations such as payroll, attendance, and so on. In many instances, chatbots are also being deployed for enhanced engagement.

The rapid strides of digitalization are redefining the HR landscape. By 2020, millennials are predicted to make up 75 percent of the workforce. Hence, it has become essential for organizations to implement modern technologies to keep up with the employee and business demands of the digital era.

The Rise of Big Data

The conventional HR processes involved tedious paperwork related to compliance adherence and employee records. Over the years, the digitalization has birthed online portals that provide the necessary information for the HR personnel to enhance workflow, build the brand image, and connect with prospective employees. The predictive analytics has enabled organizations to manage vast troves of data and draw actionable insights. Equipped with the insights, HR personnel no longer find it challenging to keep track of the employees and their needs.

The Emergence of Cloud

Cloud technology has enabled HR departments of organizations to gather and store information. Instead of stacking hundred and thousands of files up to the ceiling, they can now leverage the digital space of cloud for data storage. The employees no longer need to put pen to paper and mark boxes and write long feedbacks, as all this can be done on digital devices. It has also facilitated the secure storage of sensitive employee information, including tax documents, patrol, feedback, and so on. Emerging technologies such as machine learning (ML) can be used to derive valuable information from the stored data.

The Advent of Chatbots

Employees often find it challenging to fill out certain forms, or they might have queries regarding their pay, leave, performance, and so on. However, it is not practical for the employees to visit the HR department for every question. To fill the communication gap between the HR personnel and employees, and to enhance their experience, organizations are adopting HR chatbots. It will not only boost employee engagement but will also drive productivity.