Success of any organization lies in providing customized experiences to the consumers while ensuring their safety, especially in the era of digital marketing. To accomplish this, CIOs must be transparent about their company policies for data collection, and protection, and are always walking the tightrope between intimacy and privacy.

FREMONT, CA: It is inevitable for the organizations, irrespective of their size, to realize the role of IT in digital transformation. It helps them to reap the desired results in the long run by being able to tackle the increasing client requirements and leveraging the technology to automate their activities by targeting potential markets. It will also include practicing in change management that will have a different impact on their departments and teams. It will solely rely on the fact whether they believe in the tasks and concentrate their attention on private advantages. This is where the role of the CIOs becomes critical.

Here are some suggestions for the CIOs to build on the strengths by implementing the digital marketing transformation successfully.  

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Focus on the Executive Level Employees

Focusing on each worker while leading the shift is critical, particularly with the staff at the executive level. CIOs need to be conscious of the company fundamentals, how and why clients buy their products and services, as well as competitive market options. They need to be familiar with the trending techniques that assist boost automation that drives outstanding client experience. Furthermore, they need to have their methods and means of delivering competitive information and analytics and exploring partnerships that drive improvements.

Lead the Transformation

The transformation of the CIO must take the leading position in driving change in the organization. They must embrace the shift they are propagating. Adopting digital transformation through management staff such as the CIOs helps majority of the staffs seamlessly accept evolution. It motivates their peers at all levels, particularly employees at the C-level. As part of this, their task is to define the drivers with a specific position in the journey of digital transformation. It is with the development of a focused communication and marketing program that the employees are kept informed about successes, challenges, and how the teams might be involved.

Moving Toward the Vision of the Company

The CIO must also ensure that the transformation aspects of a company are in line with its vision while guiding the process of digital transformation. So, if the organization invests time, money, and energy in a beneficial change, the function of the CIO in digital transformation also accompanies it and leverages the entire transformation process.

Developing Right Infrastructure

A CIO needs to consider investments at the infrastructure stage, while participating in a plan for digital enterprise transformation. Cost-effective, agile, and flexible infrastructure is required. Ultimately, it will decide on the flourishing application of digital transformation across the organization and whether it will eventually work well.


Digital transformation needs a long-term commitment that also posses numerous complicated difficulties within any company for CIOs and their boards. Even as markets and clients continue to develop, the organizations may reach a point where they will have to alter their defined operational procedures and business models to meet the client expectations.

Committing to a digital transformation would, therefore, imply investing in short-term projects with low ROI that will pay off significantly in the future. Relating to this form of investment is hard for the organizations in the nascent stage. CIOs are, therefore playing a critical role in filling this gap. It includes obtaining organizational assistance for experiments on innovation, choosing the correct company areas to concentrate on, prioritizing ideal study issues, identifying a team of individuals, and associates, and piloting appropriate technologies.


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