Working endlessly from morning till evening and waiting for the weekends to arrive soon, is an innate human behavior and it has only grown to be more vigorous in Generation Z. But, what if the everyday work was interesting and engaging? Every individual wishes to work in an environment that is more fun and exciting, filled with unique designs; an environment that creates a collaborativeexperience for them while at the same time can also provide space to focus singularly when the job task requires it. With the right technology such as cloud and big data to customize and design workplace settings to suit employee needs, this is now possible. As the world is changing with the ongoing digital revolution, so are the workplaces. With organizations adopting activity-based working, there is a paradigm shift in the way workplaces operate. Unlike the traditional way of working that hinders productivity and fails to motivate employees, especially since the influx of Generation Z in the workplace, enterprises are now focusing more on individuals and how they work. Also, as different individuals have different needs, they urge for an environment that suits their requirements and fosters work efficiency.

Organizations now work with design specialists and architects to create an exciting workplace by conducting research on the internal workflow and studying how employees sit. Sitting for long hours, especially when the employees are not trained on how to adjust their ergonomic chairs, leads to problems such as back and neck ache, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. With activity-based working, employees have the option of how and where they want to sit; given the work they are doing that day or period of the day. Employees can choose to sit ‘lounge’ style like they are in a coffee shop, or perhaps at an adjustable height desk where they can stand for a portion of time, and even book a private room for more focused work. This provides employees with flexible options.

Activity-based working is driving businesses into a new direction with its many benefits. It fosters innovation and helps in building partnerships with colleagues and co-creation. Additionally, it also creates more collaboration and communication, and increases workforce efficiency, productivity, and growth. Employees working from home are now motivated to come to the office and interact with colleagues. Having all the employees working in the same engaging space, co-workers feel encouraged, motivated. The synergy will contribute to making businesses agile. At Solvay, we are bringing in innovation for the prompt delivery of our solutions and working toward creating an activity-based environment to stay ahead of the pack.

Activity-based working is enabling employees to choose from a variety of pre-determined activity areas in order to work comfortably and with more focus. Learning through activities provides corporations with the base to build the foundation for better communication and employee satisfaction, and promote a sense of belongingness for them in the workplace.

The Solvay campus in Brussels in collaboration with one of their consultants in Europe will create a vibrant and dynamic workplace, which will bring together about 1,000 employees that currently are spread out over 20 buildings. Shared spaces are driving engagement without any major disruption. This new way of working for Solvay is aiming to promote collaboration, innovation, and sustainability.

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