About two and a half decades earlier when the IT Services outsourcing started getting traction, it was more as a reaction to a situation than actually because of a strategic plan. Anticipating that Internet will help businesses, not knowing how, wires and cables were laid across oceans, connecting continents across the world. And that is when to leverage this massive infrastructure, the concept of outsourcing work to low cost destinations started getting experimented upon, of course the prime driver being cost savings.

As time moved on, the sales pitches which focussed on driving cost savings for businesses became passé. Because organizations started looking at outsourcing to achieve not just cost savings but also scale. And that is when the big rush started towards working with large organizations at offshore and more and more businesses wanted to work with Top IT vendors who could do everything for them starting from being analysts, architects, developers, testers and even user experience consultants.

It took a while and couple of large scale software implementation failures which made the world sit uptight and realize the risks of putting all the eggs in one basket. And the cost savings were gone for a toss too because of increased issues of productivity loss, increased dependencies on a single vendor often led to higher pricing of products and services. On top of it, the world of Open-source “opened” up. Businesses were stuck with large, generic IT Services vendors and even though they realized the market was getting ripe with best of breed solutions which helped sky-rocket productivity, there was no way to get rid of the behemoth they had so meticulously created.

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There was one big problem which took a couple more years to surface. Small upstarts in each and every area of business started taking established players, head on and won. Much to the surprise of the established players because they were ahead of the game, leveraged top IT vendor for all of their areas of operation. The linear growth which had seemed like the norm was suddenly archaic in contrast to the non-linear exponential growth curves which these startups were experiencing.

A classic example to illustrate this situation is with The Hedgehog and the Fox story. “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing."

Today, businesses have realized that the topmost criteria to define in any outsourcing engagement is how can the partner be agile and leverage best-of-breed solution approach to achieve a non-linear growth trajectory for the business. The basket no longer contains all the eggs – development is separate and testing is separate and same is true for every other functional area in operations. IP led IT Services age has begun and each functional area strives to use agile, best of breed solutions and practices leveraging a proprietary fusion of expertise and experience, to deliver exponential growth and value.

Software Testing Services industry is no exception. Leading industry analysts have also taken a note of the changes happening on the testing world. Nelson Hall, an industry analyst firm estimates Independent Software testing services to grow by 9.5% year on year till 2018, with the major chunk of innovation happening in IP-led testing.

As always, innovation holds the key to resolve many stumbling blocks and attempts solving the existing issues. IP-led testing services, leveraging proprietary R&D within independent software testing companies is gaining increasing traction as an effective option that not just addresses critical challenges, but also offers many benefits in its own right. IP led software testing services is now widely accepted to drive increased productivity to testing teams, significantly reduce test cycles and accelerate the product releases without sacrificing the depth of test coverage. Costs get optimized in the process.

Fuse IP led testing with Colocated agility and your test organization will significantly contribute to the business growth.

Is your business leveraging the benefits of IP-Led Software Testing Services?

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