Human Resource and Executive leadership teams are continually challenged to improve the Customer Experience, which starts with the Employee Experience and ultimately by the Candidate Experience. Today, candidates have a multitude of ways of seeking out the best career, job and/or company to work for. Therefore, companies must figure out how to differentiate their value-add and appeal to the best and brightest talent. As we know, the team with the best players wins more often than not. If capturing the best talent is not daunting enough, the rate of change in HR technology solutions to enable selection, assessment and retention efforts is evolving faster than our ability to adapt to it in many cases. Therefore, HR is continually challenged with selecting the right technology, at the right price and at the right time, as the CEO and the Executive team are looking for the best ROI on HR investments and solutions.

"Organizations with the best talent will continue to win by ensuring they have high iq/eq team members to adapt, innovate and enable technology solutions"

Here are three things to keep top of mind:

1) Continually Attract and Retain the Best Talent Possible:

One thing that is constant, organizations with the best talent will continue to win by ensuring they have high IQ/EQ team members to adapt, innovate and enable technology solutions. Social media and professional networks should be leveraged to identify and connect with the best talent pools. Organizations should continually seek out ways to improve on sourcing and talent acquisition software that can reach the broad spectrum of high-quality candidates and enable technology solutions that also focus on retention efforts after acquiring new team members. Enabling technology solutions and becoming more efficient in the selection and assessment process is a must. Improving the organization’s brand and being an employer of choice are critical components of the new value proposition. Staffers must wake up every day with a focus on renewing the brand promise and enabling the candidate/employee experience via technology advancements. HR should make sure that they are continually reviewing the company career page, sourcing channels/partners and maximizing the capabilities of your ATS.

2) Engage Team Members via Mobile, User-friendly Tools:

Engaging team members must be top of mind for all companies and leaders. The cost of disengagement has a compounding effect and will cost companies dearly, so the focus must be on consistently connecting with employees. In so many ways, we are bound to our personal devices to make decisions, review information and/or to stay connected. Team members want concise information at their fingertips, so place a keen focus on employee communications and engagement tools that are easy to find and use. Also consider investing in pulse survey capabilities to gain insights from team members on how they want to be communicated to and enhance your technology solutions accordingly. Developing an internal social media platform for team members to share ideas, recognize accomplishments and to connect with co-workers and leaders has proven to be an effective way to drive engagement.

3) Provide Employee and Talent Dashboards and Analytics:

Well-designed HR technology solutions must include workforce analytics that will influence workflow, evaluate performance and improve communications. Systems and software that can incorporate team member data (profiles, capabilities, career aspirations and KPIs, etc.,) will positively impact the employee experience, capture team member potential, and enable better productivity and collaboration. Providing dashboards, scorecards and analytics can greatly assist with aligning company and individual goals; way too often there are disconnects with company and team member expectations. HR technology, and analytics provided from the system, can greatly assist with the alignment challenge and enable a common mindset around company and team member performance. Keeping dashboards simple with the most relevant data will also ensure team members will actually use the data to enable the best employee experience.