Dramatic Reduction in Cycle Time 

Six years ago we transformed our staffing and recruiting  process using Taleo. We have a highly distributed workforce  with hundreds of locations. At the time every location was  responsible for their own hiring and sourcing and processing  was manual and had long lead times. With the implementation  of the Taleo Recruiting and Onboarding (which at the time was  a standalone offering) we eliminated a complex multi-step  manual process and automated our hiring process from the  use of paper forms to fully integrated systems. The technology  now takes us all the way through from posting the requisition  to applicant tracking and screening, through background  check to the on-boarding and new hire process. The impact  on efficiency and more importantly the reduction in cycle time  from application to start date was dramatic.

 The introduction of the technology actually drove  fundamental changes in the organizational structure and  process to support staffing which increased visibility and  metrics on hiring quality and focus. We continue to improve  Recruiting Process Management by incenting Con-way’s  employee referral program with Talent Vine.

  Managers no Longer Reliant on HR

  Last year the introduction of Manager and Employee Dashboards  provided all our staff with access to their personal data and to  their direct reports’ job data. With on-line transactions in our  first year, over 100,000 pieces of paper disappeared  into the ether resulting in a more efficient and more  transparent experience. Now the managers  can be their own resource of information  and not just rely on HR. The dashboards  also provide the on-ramps to the Conway  Enterprise’s future HR Solutions  roadmap. Planned stops include  Learning, Performance and Talent  applications.

  Pain Points in the HR Domain 

 • Minimize the implementation and upgrade  requirements.
 • Integrated technology around employee  life cycle processes; currently it is still a bit  of a piecemeal offering. 
 • Mobile which has the necessary security.
 • One-stop shopping for the employee  information and experience.
 • Global applications and usability.

 Update Payroll through Tablets

 The social media advantages in the internal corporate  environment are still in their early evaluation, but mobile access  to HR Solutions is clearly a positive trend toward efficiency and  engagement. Earlier this year, one of our HR team orchestrated  mobile access to our career sites and job applications using  a Taleo tool kit. In the first month of operation, 24 percent of  the 33,514 external job applications Con-way received were  completed entirely or in part on smart phones or tablets. Conway  employees view and/or update their personal, payroll and  PTO information from their tablets and smart phones which  plainly have ever-growing roles in HR solutions.

  Technology the Biggest Differentiator in HR  Services

  Honestly I think many HR leaders and their teams are  uncomfortable with technology and are not the evangelists  they could and should be. The HR function often feels  more comfortable in the traditional areas of HR and talent  management. I would offer that HR solutions and technology are  no longer a sideshow or just your system of record. They are the  biggest differentiator in how well you can deliver HR services  and are expected by the newer generation of employees.  Educate yourself and stay current on the quickly evolving  landscape. Don’t just rely on your HRIS and IT staffs or your HR  solutions vendors for advice as the technology plan needs  to be part of a strategy. I am not sure there has been  much change as a proactive HR leader should by  definition be out in front of industry and market  trends to offer business solutions. I think the  only difference is that the technology offerings  are allowing more change opportunities.

  HR Solutions Require Implementation  Resources

  HR Solutions while evolving quickly still require  significant implementation resources and feel  like they take too long and cost much more than  originally planned or indicated by the solutions  providers. Part of that may be the need to not  automate what is currently manual. To realize  the full advantage you should rethink  your business process, evaluate how the  technology tool works in its native form  and work to create business process that  optimizes alignment to the tool.