Steps to take for innovating Networking Companies

For most businesses today, it is about integration--seamless integration into industry leading productivity software and solutions. Today’s environment demands interoperability among many components for a single solution. The more they can be a core part of the solution the better positioned they will be. Cyber security is another factor that is front and center for all CIOs. Having stronger security models embedded directly into the solution is necessary. Finally, bandwidth, which needs to continue to explode for most businesses. Continued improvement in data optimization for networks will be needed as complexity grows in the new solutions.

Internet of Things

“The internet of things” creates significant opportunity for the Networking industry. Connectivity options are expanding rapidly and those that can provide dependable solutions that require minimal expertise to administer will win.

Software-Defined Enterprise WAN

SDE WAN will be the standard. With the wide variety of interactions between software and services fulfilling the business needs it is more imperative than ever to have better management controls. A SDE WAN environment allows that. Rapidly disappearing are end-to-end solutions contained within one data center.

According to Gartner, “Hybrid will be the New Normal in Next Generation Enterprise WAN.” Hybrid technology is absolutely a requirement if you want to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. The development cycle for new solutions continues to be squeezed due to the rapid response necessary to satisfy market demand.

Traction Of Wireless Networks

Information security is a key driver of technology today. Signal consistency is a growing target in the wireless network arena. Although it consumes more bandwidth, there are a growing number of companies willing to invest in the extra protection provided by spread spectrum.

Changed Role as CIO

The pace of innovation and change required to remain competitive has sped up dramatically. As a result, you simply cannot build or develop everything in-house and stay ahead of technology developments. Many companies are learning that sourcing, of some sort, will be part of every solution. Choosing the right partners and the ability to adapt quickly are constants from both a strategic and tactical point of view.

Lessons Learned

First, avoid doing anything that could harm or even destroy the quality of your project – no matter how tantalizing a shortcut may appear. Nothing destroys credibility faster.

Second, understand that practical deployment of technology is key. Know your customer and their needs. Don’t over or under engineer the solution. Third, put information security at the front and center of all that you do.