SAP for added Supply Chain Performance

SAP is primarily used for transaction activity and we have measured substantial reductions in order entryand shipping as well as productivity improvementsin customer service, accounting and shipping.Our supply chain performance has also improved significantly.

Old versus New

The big pain points for us were the technical andpeople challenges of supporting twenty year old legacy systems. Those have been resolved. The big surprise is how resistant organizations are to the changes that this imposes on them. SAP is the discipline and accountability system and it is great software but the user interface is twenty years old now. They have finally taken steps to modernize the look and feel of that.

“SAP is great software but theuser interface is twenty yearsold now and they have finallytaken steps to modernize thelook and feel of that”

Quick Pointers for SAP success

Do a detailed Process Reengineering first.Ensure that it is a CEO level project.

Deployment of Systems for SAP Innovation

We have deployed a BI system fed by SAP Data Services that provides users with access to a vast amount of datathat they can analyze quickly. We deployed a system thatintegrates to our shipment companies like (FedEx/UPS/DHL) that enables our customers to track their shipments.

Know your Goal for Implementation

Many companies think that they will automatically geta business benefit through implementation. The key,especially with transaction systems, is to know one’sas-is process and metrics as well as your goal for theimplementation. That will vastly improve the odds thatyou will achieve improvements.

Wait for HANA to Drop Price

HANA is a back end database. Wait until it matures more and the price drops. It is very trendy but unless you have a business case with a huge ROI it is better to wait. The mobile solution should come with any client BI access tool that a company purchases.