In this new age of digitization, confluences of various trends in the industry are causing major disruption, affecting almost every aspects of doing business. Cloud computing is one such trend that has evolved to a greater degree over the years. Its overgrowing simplicity and differentiated services are the main driving factors in diverting the focus of corporations from On-premise datacenters to Cloud. Various companies from fortune 1000 are scaling up to utilize cloud computing in the imminent period for its viability in providing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Merging of Big Data and applications on cloud, ERP solutions, Mobility and Internet of Things are some of the other few trends that are dominating the industry today.

Advent of these technologies has changed the outlook and roles of business leaders. CIOs are becoming new shepherd of this modern age as their eminence in assessing the landscape, knowledge of movement of data and data security, and providing tech oriented and efficient solutions exceeds the other C-suite officers. These latest trends have offered CIOs an opportunity to leverage and take advantage of them to address their company’s and customer’s need.

CIOs have to focus their energy on cost-effective utilities, PTOs across the business world and figuring out how utilities, data and services can be delivered to end customers by confluence of this trends and technology.

Unique set of Challenges for CIOs and Other IT leaders

As the disrupting technologies are converging on industries at the same time, when combined, their pervasiveness is also creating a unique set of challenges for CIOs and executive IT staff. One of the biggest cross-industry challenge facing the CIOs and IT leaders is to successfully couple the cloud solutions into the on-premise ERP and business solution. This inflection point contains the capability of providing differentiated offerings and custom, software and probably the most selective intellectual property of the business.

For Broadband and other companies that specialize in creation of IT, Cyber Security and Cyber Data Protection remains a big challenge. Protecting the IP is a complex process which involves IP personnel, network security experts, and DDoS expert, thus, it is a complex task which lacks a sophisticated solution. We need to find and hire diligent people and partner that can incept new solutions to protect our data, property and assets.

Blending Innovation within the Organization

It has become imperative for organizations to be innovative. Innovation is the key to streamline the organization’s services, and foster efficient success. IT is playing an essential role in blending innovation within the organization as it is in cognate with numerous domains contained by it. It is important for IT leaders and staff to align their actions with the need of their customers. We have to perceive the challenges and necessities of our customers. This will allow gaining the perspectives of the end users, and IT leaders, subsequently, can deliver innovative solutions to address these challenges.

Organizations often tend to become unproductive, if they continue to implement old solutions and plans. It’s a job of the leaders to subject their employees to carry out challenging tasks without utilizing comfortable and old solutions. This will encourage employees to re-engineer the available solutions, making them more coherent and efficient. Careful selection of such challenging tasks is healthy and valuable for an organization that can drive innovation within the infrastructure to a deep extent.