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ESOutlook is a print magazine with a focus on providing a knowledge network for corporate professionals responsible for sourcing/managing business, technology or operational services.

With enterprises facing continual business transformation pressure, the management is challenged with increasing operational efficiencies and competitiveness. This scenario has brought to the fore, services provided by outside vendors as a strategic tool to address the challenges.

Conventional business wisdom categorizes an organization's activities, functions, and processes into the core and non-core parts. However, the definitions gravitate towards strategic, core, shared-core and non-core activities for services. The test for stakeholders is in aligning the services with the business strategy. Moreover, when it comes to Services sourcing, the key, lies in understanding the opportunities, risks and strategic gains from procuring and consuming services from suitable providers.

ES Outlook is the magazine of record in offering the platform to share, discuss, learn and provide thought leadership to the enterprise sourcing decision-making community. This unique and acknowledged learn-from-peer industry professionals approach serves the decision makers in the Services Sourcing to share, identify, adopt and learn from their valuable and distilled experiences.

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